About Me!

On this page, you get the "privilege" of learning a little bit about me!

My Cats
Kennedy My cat, Ollie
Colgator And here's a picture of my other cat, Jersey. This text is long because if I make it shorter the whole site messes up and I don't know how to fix it ok :)
My Friends
Kennedy The love of my life Kennedy being consumed by the other love of my life, Julia
Colgator If you believed me when I said Kennedy and Julia were the love of my life, you're wrong because this is cOLGATOR. The true love of my life.
Some of my Favorite Things
Thing Why I Like This Thing Would I Recommend This Thing
Piano Makes good noise, fun, loud, make mom say "STOP THAT ITS 12AM!" 9/10 yes, play one, but not mine
Kennedy Sloth, good taste in music, likes foods, overall good. 0/10 no she's mine
Foods Tasty, you need it to survive, also its tasty. 10/10 you should try Food, it lets you live longer.
Minecraft Good music, kalm, i like catching bunnies and hatching chickens 7.999999/10 very good when kennedy is not committing horse genocide
Krusty Krab hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town? 0/10 horrible show